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The Story ,

We are in a year unknown to mankind. Big water drops are falling down on our earth, creating bigger cosmic splashes than ever recorded before. It’s the same year mutants occurred to expos from below water and ground. The mutants evolve themselves with everything around them, melting matter combined with the cosmic water creating global chaos. Some mutants were good, most of them very bad and ugly. Stephen Hawkins explained many years before that the end of the world is the new beginning of mankind in outer space. This will be a beautiful journey to fulfill new dreams in becoming a peaceful harmony. A real joyride.

Stefan Steenbergen
Zwolle, The Netherlands 2010

I made my own font for exhibitions.
21-11- 2011
picture shoot with Jarno Kraayvanger @ my atelier for upcoming ART BOOK .
04-02-2011 till 26-02-2011
Group-exhibition @ Leslie's Art gallery Bridel it was a blast!!!!!